Bakerly The Sliced Brioche 17.64 oz

Free from artificial flavors. No artificial flavors. Portion: 5 g sugars; 120 cal. No GMO ingredients. Authentic French recipe. Free of high fructose corn syrup. Free of bleached flour. Brioche is the hallmark of France, a bread made with wheat flour, eggs and butter for an incomparable texture and taste! Our ingredients promise! No high fructose corn syrup. Our Delicious Brioche! Sliced French brioche is undoubtedly the best thing to happen since, well, slice bread! It contains key ingredients that makes it an authentic French brioche and its versatility allows you to eat it any time. From perfectly fluffy French toast in the morning to the ultimate sandwich recipe throughout the day. Bon Appetit! Check out our complete ingredient no-no list at Product of France.