Plum Organics Plum Organics® Just® Sweet Potato Stage 1 Organic Baby Food 3oz Pouch 3 oz

Plum Organics® Stage 1 baby food pouches are an organic baby food line made for ages 4 months and up, perfect for introducing solids or first foods to your budding eater. Our Fruit & Vegetable Puree blends use only Non-GMO, organic ingredients for an organic baby food that they'll love. These pouches are naturally preserved, unsalted, unsweetened, and kosher parve. And since our baby food pouches are resealable, you can customize portion sizes that are perfect for your baby. At Plum Organics®, we're not just delivering nourishing, organic baby food to your little ones...we're making the world a better place! Our Non-BPA baby food pouches have a smaller overall environmental footprint than glass jars, using less energy and generating less greenhouse gases during their lifecycle. While there is no recyclable pouch film in existence yet (we're working on it!), the caps on our pouches are recyclable and help to prevent food waste. By using our baby food pouches, you're sharing in our commitment to leaving a baby-sized footprint on the planet. This variety pack of Plum Organics® Stage 1 organic baby food pouches ships as a 1 pack of 8 pouches, 4 pouches of 3.5 oz Plum Organics® Just® Prunes & 4 pouches of 3 oz Plum Organics® Just® Sweet Potato flavors.