Dont Go Nuts Spread, Roasted Soybean, Slightly Sweet

Gluten free. Certified Gluten-Free. Organic. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by QAI. Vegan. Nut free. Peanut free. Nut Free: Field to fingers process & facility. Non-GMO. Ingredients not genetically engineered. Nut free foods. School safe. It's not enough to just feel safe - I want to be safe. I want you to be safe, too. I have a life-threatening nut allergy, and I've worked hard with our Don't Go Nuts team so you know and trust our foods are nut free. Our ingredients come from nut-free places. When they get to us, we vacuum off the packages to ensure complete safety before letting them into our nut0free commercial kitchen. Then we prepare each package with love and care. - Lily Pinto, Co-Founder at age 12. We care. Please recycle. Made in the USA.